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Warranty - 6 year unlimited hours on select models!

Warranty - 6 year unlimited hours on select models!

Presenting the Industry’s Leading Warranty

When you buy a KIOTI tractor or UTV, you can be confident that you have one of the best built machines in the field. And you can be even more confident knowing your purchase is backed by the industry leading KIOTI Warranty.

Now, for a limited time, eligible units purchased will receive a total of 6 years (72 months) extended powertrain warranty coverage. This extends KIOTI’s already industry leading warranty for an additional 2 years*To learn more, Click Here. 

    Our company grew from a culture where loyalty – be it business or personal – is a given. When our company makes you a promise to deliver the best machine-owning experience you’ve ever had, that is what we intend to do.” –Peter Dong Kyun Kim, Chief Executive Officer, Daedong-USA, Inc. KIOTI Tractor Division.

    KIOTI specializes in extraordinary customer service ahead-of-sale, throughout the purchasing process and for the many years that follow your KIOTI tractor or UTV purchase. Whatever you need, we’ll handle it.

    Ahead-of-Sale Service KIOTI understands the complex challenges tractor and UTV buyers face. The industry offers a vast selection at varying levels of quality, service and price. This challenging marketplace is one of the reasons why KIOTI specializes in providing only the highest quality products at the best possible price. Even with KIOTI’s dedication to excellence and value, we know you’re bound to spend hours wisely researching your decision. We want you to know, we’re here to help. For a free brochure or more information about KIOTI’s full line of tractors, UTVs, attachments and implements, click here.

    Your KIOTI Purchase KIOTI’s North American network of friendly and highly skilled authorized dealers are ready and waiting to serve you. Stop by the dealer nearest you for a test drive. You can apply for low-rate financing and take your new KIOTI tractor or UTV home today. KIOTI dealers are committed to making your buying experience pleasant and satisfying. 

    After-Sale Service While KIOTI customers enjoy the benefits of a smooth-running and reliable machine, owners can dramatically extend the life of their tractor or UTV through regular service and maintenance. KIOTI dealers are trained in the mechanical service of all KIOTI  tractors, UTVs, attachments and implements. Your local authorized dealer is qualified and equipped to diagnose and repair your KIOTI and handle your warranty claims. They also conveniently stock most replacement parts on-site.

    KIOTI General Warranty Coverage Terms

    KIOTI General Warranty

    Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty covers nearly every component of a new KIOTI tractor or UTV.

    General Warranty— The KIOTI general warranty applies to new KIOTI tractors, UTVs and attachments purchased on or after 12/16/2013. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase and is activated by receipt of an executed Warranty Agreement.

    Products Terms of Warranty Coverage
    Tractors* 24 Months Parts & Labor
    Front End Loaders Backhoes 12 Months Parts & Labor
    Mid-Mount Mower, Snow Blower and Implements 12 Months Parts & Labor
    Replacement Parts 3 months or the remainder of the unit warranty, whichever is longer Parts
    Replacement Engines 12 Months Parts & Labor
    UTVs 12 Months Parts & Labor
    *Tractors for rental and commercial use have 24 months or 1500 hours coverage for parts & labor.

    Powertrain Warranty Coverage Terms

    KIOTI Powertrain Warranty

    Up to 4 year Warranty for Engine and Drive Line coverage on all KIOTI tractors.

    The KIOTI powertrain warranty applies to new KIOTI tractors and UTVs purchased on or after 12/16/2013. The KIOTI Powertrain Warranty runs concurrently with the KIOTI General Warranty.

    Products Terms of Warranty Coverage
    Tractor Engine and Drive Line* 48 months Parts & Labor
    UTV Engine and Drive Line 18 months or 1000 hours Parts & Labor
    *Tractors for rental and commercial use have 36 months or 2000 hours coverage for parts & labor.

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