Tips & Facts

We have put together some helpful tips and facts about our Talon tractors (Discontinued), regarding general maintenance and operation.  It is important to follow these instructions to ensure proper performance and prolong the life of your tractor and equipment.


  • Read operation manual before operating any equipment

  • Follow break-in procedure before operating under heavy loads

  • Avoid any moving engine and implement parts and especially the PTO shaft (Death or serious injury could occur)

  • Only operate the tractor or implement while seated and never from outside the tractor

  • Avoid turning sharply at higher speeds or with heavy loads

  • Reduce speed with implements attached as they add significant weight and can cause damage when bouncing

  • Look for and tighten any loose bolts or nuts

  • Do not operate if fluid levels or tire pressure are low


  • Put in neutral

  • Set throttle position to 1/3: Hint - prior to shutting down your tractor set the throttle position at 1/3 for your next start

  • Hold key to H-position (heater) to warm glow plugs, 15-25 seconds is needed for cold starts but holding them on too long can damage them

  • Engage clutch

  • Turn starter to start engine.

  • If engine fails to start, wait 1 minute then repeat the previous 3 steps

  • To shut off, pull the fuel shut off rod (pull to stop)


  • Never turn the starter for more than 10 seconds as it can cause premature wear and even cause starter failure

  • Using the glow plugs for every cold start prolongs the life of your starter and promotes easier starting 


  • All tractors have been run for several hours to ensure proper operation.

  • The necessary fluids and filters have been changed and are ready for the running-in procedure

  • It is recommended to run the tractor load free in the first four gears for 1 hour each and the rest of the gears a 1/2 hour each to ensure proper break-in. Do not idle tractor under 1500 rpm before run-in is complete.

Once the break-in is completed check the following for proper operation:

  • Check if engine sounds normal

  • Check if the clutch is operating properly

  • Check if shifting gears and ranges is normal (should not be any automatic gear disengagement or gears locking)

  • Check if brakes are operating properly

  • Check if all gauges and instruments are working

Any abnormalities or failures in the above list should be fixed prior to further use.


Performing general maintenance is crucial for the longevity and proper performance on new tractors and implements. Please be sure to strictly follow this maintenance schedule.

Monthly or every 10-12 hours - shift maintenance

  • Clean dirt and grease off the tractor and implements

  • Check air filter and clean if necessary

  • Check all main bolts and nuts, especially wheels, tighten if necessary

  • Check all fluids and fill if necessary

  • Check for leaks and remedy the cause

  • Check tire pressure

  • Grease fittings

50 Hour Service 

  • Your first service is very important as new machinery has many small filings from manufacturing that can cause damage if the fluids and filters are not changed. Use synthentic fluids when possible.

  • Change engine oil and filter (15W-40 for summer, 10W-30 for winter) use an oil recommended for diesel engines.  

  • Change fuel filter. 

  • Change injector pump oil (10W-30)

  • Change transmission and front axle fluid (75w-90 synthetic gear oil)

  • Change hydraulic tank oil (hydraulic fluid)

  • Clean air filter

  • Check fan belt tension, adjust if necessary

  • Check clutch and brake pedals, adjust if necessary

  • Check fluid levels in transmission box and front drive axle, refill if necessary

100 hour service

  • Change engine oil and filter

  • Replace air filter if needed

  • Check belts and hoses

See manual for additional maintenance requirements and trouble shooting guide

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