Continuous Round Baler - CRB



No more stopping and waiting for each finished bale to eject before moving on to the next one. With the continuous round baler concept from Vermeer and Lely, you can keep moving forward, rolling bale after bale, until the job is done. As the finished bale is ejected, the next bale is already being formed in the chamber. This greatly increases productivity, saves time and reduces operator fatigue. While there are working prototypes in the field, the continuous round baler is an extremely complex machine and faces significant challenges which are currently preventing it from hitting the retail market.

Features and benefits

· Increase Efficiency - For operations that typically use 2‐3 balers at a time, the CRB concept allows you to produce       with less equipment and less labor.
· Increase Feed Quality - Hit the optimum window for baling, and ultimately high‐quality feed, on more acres with the     improved productivity of continuous round baling.
· Less Operator Fatigue - Having to stop, wait and turn to check bales all day takes a toll on operators. The CRB can   reduce these actions.
· Less Wear and Tear on the Baler - Frequent stopping and starting also takes a toll on the baler. The CRB concept   offers less starting and stopping, reducing the amount of wear and tear on the chamber and helping extend the life of t   the machine.
· More Time and Fuel Efficient - The tractor and clock continue to run when operators stop and wait for the bale to   eject. With the CRB concept, operators maintain productivity while consuming less time and fuel.

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