Terrain Drum Mower

Terrain Drum Mower

Terrain Drum Mower
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Compact Drum Mowers for your compact tractor, the smart, simple mowing alternative.  Now you can cut your own hay or other crops without upsizing or hiring out. High speed blades give you fast, efficient cutting and can be used to harvest tall native grasses, pasture, herbage such as alfalfa, ryegrass, oat grass and so on... Opposing rotating drums feed cutting in between the drums and do not clog. The precisely balanced drums give you a smooth, vibration free run and the simple, maintenance free bevel gear drive gives you a long dependable life. Break-away cutter bar for protection against collision of solid or unseen objects.

Specs .
Models DM 125 / 135 / 165
Tractor HP 22-45 / 35-50 / 45-60
3 Point Hitch Cat. 1
Weight 727 / 771 / 990 lbs.
Cutting Width 49" / 53" / 65"
Overall Width 90.5" / 94.5" / 118"
Working Speed 15 km/hr
No. of Drums 2 (3 Blades (reversible) per drum)
Drum Speed 1,620 RPM
Transport Mode Yes - Manual engage
Drive Belt driven
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